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6-Man Football A Good Fit For Idaho Schools?

SWXRIGHTNOW.COM - As enrollment falls in many of Idaho's more rural school districts, boosters are looking for a way to keep football a part of school life.

Currently, most school districts require a minimum of eight players in order to field a team. This creates a serious problem for smaller schools, such as Camas County High School, which would need to have almost a quarter of the 38 members of the student body come out for the team in order to play. Other schools have had to forfeit games due to lack of players from injuries.

To help keep a fall tradition in full swing, some school districts are looking to make the change to six-man football making it easier for schools to field teams and allowing students the chance to keep playing football.

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This story written and filed by Colin McQuilkin (colin.mcquilkin@khq.com)