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NBA Commissioner Sets Date for Retirement

David Stern said he would retire in February 2014. David Stern said he would retire in February 2014.

NBA Commissioner David Stern is retiring in 2014. Stern made the announcement Thursday at a news conference in New York.

"It's been a great run," said Stern. "I will continue another 15 months. The league is in, I think, terrific condition."

Adam Silver, the current Deputy Commissioner of the league, will be the new commissioner. He has been the second-in-command at the NBA since 2006 and was hand-picked by Stern to take his position.

Stern said he didn't want to leave before last year's collective bargaining agreement was finished. With that out of the way, he said he feels confident about the league's standing internationally and in the digital realm.

"Adam has the respect of the owners and the players, he has expertise in social media, international and television – all of which report to him. And that focus has only intensified over the years. And it has grown to include collective bargaining as well," said Stern.


With regards to whether Seattle will eventually get an NBA franchise again, Stern expressed cautious optimism in handing the situation over to Silver. He said, lamentably, there is no franchise currently in play to relocate to Seattle - including the team in Sacramento.

Stern praised the business community Sacramento for their support in trying to get a new arena in that city. He said a new arena there is necessary for the team to be successful in the long run.