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Contenders Kamiakin and Richland to face off on SWX

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Most Mid-Columbia Conference basketball games start Friday. SWX has the double-header between the Kamiakin Braves and Richland Bombers live. The boys game starts at 7:30 p.m. Kamiakin and Richland boys are both 2-0 in non-conference play. Last season the Braves made it to the 3A state semifinal, while the Bombers got to the 4A regional playoffs, but it is a new season.

"All you want your teams to do is reach their potential. And every team has different amounts of potential based upon physical abilities and make-up and experience level and things like that. We like this group," said Brian Meneely, Kamiakin boys' basketball head coach.

" Guys play together like crazy. You know they have a great practice demeanor, they do a good job, they just have to learn to stretch themselves a little bit and play a little better. Pretty high hopes for these guys, they're a young group but pretty talented," said Earl Streufert, Richand boys' basketball head coach.

Friday at 5:45 p.m. Kamiakin and Richland girls tip-off. It is also their first Mid-Columbia Conference game. The Braves are 3-1. They are showing they are the powerhouse like last year, a year the Braves finished undefeated in regular season play. Right now the Bombers are 1-2. Half of their squad is freshman and sophomores.