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Family spends the day at Yakima schools, praying for safety

Yakima, WASH.--The news of Connecticut's school shooting stopped everyone in their tracks.

Even if you're thousands of miles away, the thought of 20 innocent children loosing their lives is heartbreaking. Now, a family in Yakima is determined to help keep our local children safe.

"As parents we drop them off every morning feeling that they're going to be safe and having trust in that," said a woman who wants to stay anonymous. "This world is very ugly, very evil at times and if I felt that way, {I} just needed to pray upon the schools."

Like many mothers around the world, this woman carries a heavy heart.
Her and her family  traveled to schools in the Yakima School District Saturday, sending prayers of protection for our students and teachers.

The family prefers to stay anonymous, stating they don't want any attention. They're doing this because they feel it's right.

"Ask for protection from harm or evil and that's what I'm doing," said the woman. "I'm going to all of our schools throughout Yakima, the Yakima School District and the goal will be to hit Naches, East Valley, West Valley schools as well."

The family said they hope to see the community come together and fight against violence.

"I feel that it's time for us to take a stand. I feel that it's time for the community members here in Yakima to actually get in the trenches and put some prayer and put some time into our city."

Twenty-six students and school staff members were killed Friday, making it one of the world's worst mass shootings.