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Holiday Car Theft Tips

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - In attempt to crack down on theft from cars during the holidays police have some tips to keep *your* holiday gifts *yours* this season.

Officers say the most important thing to do if your gifts are in your car is to lock your doors. Even better is to put your gifts in your trunk.

But there is no guarantee your gifts will be safe.

"You have to remember there is no safe place inside a vehicle. Vehicles were meant to be broken into. They're very easy to break into. You can break out glass and do it quietly, you can use jimmy locks. So there's really no good way to secure items inside a vehicle,"said Kennewick Police Officer Mike Blatman.

Police have another tip for if you're planning on heading out of town and to not anounce it on social media.

That's another way you can become a target for theives.