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COMMUNITY ALERT: Toys For Tots Needs Volunteers

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SPOKANE, Wash. - Friday is the last day for Toys For Tots, so if you plan to donate, volunteer, or still have an order to pick up there isn't much time left.  

Nearly forty volunteers worked to fill bags with toys at the warehouse Wednesday, but there are still a lot of toys on the shelves that need to be matched with local families.  

William Bishop brought in a very special donation Wednesday, he hopes will find its way to a little girl this Christmas.  

"My wife made this thing years ago and we have wanted to bring it," Bishop said. "She is 95-years-old now, so I decided to take the bear away and give it to some little girl who never had a doll like this. I'll bet she'll hug it to death." 

The bear he named Elmer, had been a part of his family that he hopes to pass on to someone else's.  

However, it is not just people like Bishop who have helped Toys For Tots get enough donations to fill this year's orders. Local businesses have also offered help.  

"When we heard, we felt as a community bank it was really our responsibility to step up," said an American West Bank Representative. 

American West Bank donated $2400 to Toys For Tots Wednesday, to help ensure all the orders will be filled this year.   

However, now that Toys For Tots has enough toys, they still need people like long time volunteer Donald Crain, to help fill orders. 

"I know the economy is bad this year this is why we're so busy," Crain said. "We are up over 5,000 bags already". 

The warehouse will extend the hours to 9 p.m. this Thursday, so volunteers can work to bag the rest of the toys before Friday. Even if one does not have a lot of time to give, workers say volunteering for even fifteen minutes can make a big difference.