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Academic All-Star: Michelle Fletcher of Kamiakin High School

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Kamiakin High School senior Michelle Fletcher is a winner. She has earned six high school state trophies, and she has earned a 4.0 GPA.

"She has discipline. Most of the kids at this age are having fun doing their sports. She's having fun with discipline and knowing how to balance everything out.," Kamiakin gymnastics coach Sarah Garrett said.

"I think that being in sports like gymnastics have really helped me because the mentality of just no excuses, get it done, transfers over to my school work. When I get home from sports, I just know I've got to get my work done," Fletcher added

Along with gymnastics, Fletcher runs cross-country and track, which she plans to do in college. Fletcher is looking at Boise State University, Northwest Christian University or Western Washington University.

"Michelle has so many great qualities. Whatever she tries to do, whatever she decides to do, she will be great at it," Garrett said.

Michelle wants to enter a career in orthodontics, and she is quick-witted about why, saying, "The orthodontic world helped me a lot, so got to give back."

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