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Tri-City Elite teaches fundamentals for future high school football players

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The high school football season ended December 1st with six teams raising trophies, but before this season ended, a group of 8th graders started preparing for next year, and beyond.

"Well I heard about the Tri-City Elite, and I was just really excited to know there was another outlet, another opportunity to come out and play more football," running back Brennan Barberich said. 

"I really just got tired of hearing how our kids weren't worth recruiting. I decided to do my part, and this has really turned into a transitional program for incoming freshmen." Elite head coach Jerry Mercado added.

The team held tryouts for all-star middle school students from Walla and the Tri-Cities.

"We do a mock-combine where they will run a 40, go through different drills that they would do through some of the scout camps, Rival camps. They kind of get to go through that experience" Mercado said.

If playing with the best was not enough, they get coached by some pretty good ones too.

"Jonah Hoe came and was one of the guest-coaches here, helped with some of the running back drills over there. It was really cool to have him there to teach me some of the drills," Barberich said.

The tri-City Elite put all their hard work to the test December 29th when they travel to Auburn and play in the Tonal Bowl Classic.