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Spokane Police Taking A Stand To Knock Out Nuisance Neighbors

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SPOKANE, WASH. --- Spokane Police are taking a stand telling nuisance neighbors that their behavior will not be tolerated in the city. Today Officer Tracy Douglas formally evicted the tenants who live in the home where Aaron Cummings was killed two weeks ago in a gang related murder.

 "What happened here at the house is not acceptable and it's not going to be tolerated," Officer Douglas said. "I can't imagine a worse scenario in your neighborhood than having a homicide, let alone gang related. It's imperative that I get them out of the neighborhood and this gives them legal standing to do that. "

 She's referring to an eviction notice posted by the police saying that they are no longer allowed on the property or they are trespassing. That didn't sit well with the homeowner.

 "She's calling herself a victim, I said ‘no you're not, you're a nuisance. As far as I'm concerned you're a nuisance to this neighborhood,'" Douglas said.

 "All these folks out there don't need to live next to a home like this," Douglas said. "They need to be able to come home, feel safe at their house, play in their front yard and not worry about if they are going to come home to find something stolen or thugs walking in or out."

 Officer Douglas wants this to be a warning to all homeowners that if your house gets in trouble time after time, you too could be getting an eviction notice from the police.