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Local Woman Loves Music and Donating Blood

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YAKIMA, wash.--Mary Stensrud has a passion for music and dance.

She talks about the good old days, growing up singing around the piano. She loves to reminisce about all of her experiences learning folk dances from different worlds. Mary is a lover of the arts, and she is also Yakima Rotary Club's "Unsung Hero."

"There's an awful lot of people that have died for want of blood, their particular type or whatnot," said Stensrud. "So it just makes me think that it's one of the good things that I did in my life."

At 94-years-old, she has given over 32 gallons of blood to the American Red Cross, more than any other donor in the Yakima Valley.

"Well for one reason it was very easy to do, and it was just a good thing to do," said Stensrud. "Whenever I happened to be in a place where there was blood donating, and I just thought well why not."

Mary said she gave her first pint of blood when she was just 28-years-old. After experiencing complications with the birth of her third child, she hasn't stopped giving since.

"I was dying from loss of blood and had a transfusion while I was out like a light," said Stensrud. "I look upon it as a gift that I'm able to give to a lot of different people that I'll of course never know, have no idea of anything about them but they are getting something that I'm able to give just the way somebody did that for me."

Mary has been recognized for her generosity before. She received the 2011 Blood Hero Award from the American Red Cross.

Mary said she'll keep giving blood until she hits the age of 100.