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Better Business Bureau warns of top 10 scams

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - The Better Business Bureau is working to help protect your personal information.

Topping the BBB's list of the biggest scams for 2012, is faulty companies offering you a lot of money, as long as you pay them first.

Other scams target grandparents, where thieves convince them to pay for things like insurance or services, or to wire money to bail family members out of foreign jails.

Identity theft is also still an issue, often starting as social media spam, or emails offering to pay your bills.

The BBB says if you come across something that seems "iffy," check it out before you empty your pockets.

"Call the Better Business Bureau," said Chelsea Dannen, the director of communications for the BBB, "We're happy to double check on the company for you. Google the company even, make sure that it sounds legitimate and feels right."

The BBB says while it's smart to be up to date on popular scams, they're constantly changing, so keep in mind that if something seems too good to be true, it often is. 

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