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Despite Mild Winter, Snowfall in Mountains Still Average

YAKIMA, Wash.-- It's been a mild winter in Yakima and the Tri-Cities so far, but the Bureau of Reclamation says despite the dry weather.

Snowfall in the mountains is pretty close to normal.

They say the snow is at about 90 to 100 percent of the yearly average in most places.

The bureau says that could change, especially since this January was very dry on the mountains.

However, they say they're not worried, because we often see snowfall in the mountains all the way into April.

"But the way winters go, you get storms and surges and you get dry periods, so that's not terribly unusual," says Chris Lynch with the Bureau of Reclamation.

The bureau isn't the only one keeping an eye on the snowfall.

Growers around Yakima are also paying attention, because much of their irrigation water comes from March storms hitting the mountains.