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Sunnyside City Council Fires Interim City Manager

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SUNNYSIDE, Wash.-- The Sunnyside City Council needs a new interim city manager.

This after the council fired Interim City Manager Frank Sweet in a controversial meeting last night.

The vote was 4 to 2.

Not only is Sweet no longer manager, but the mayor of the city actually resigned when it became clear Sweet would be fired.

Mayor Mike Farmer told the crowd and the council that it was a "lose-lose situation", before resigning both as mayor and councilman and walking out of the room.

Many in the city and on the council were unhappy with Sweet after he sent a letter seeming to fire Deputy Police Chief Phil Schenck.

Then Sweet sent another letter claiming that was a mistake.

Community members and Schenck himself spoke at the meeting, many in support of Schenck.

The council reached their final decision after a 45-minute executive session.

After the former mayor left the room, the council voted to make City Fire Chief Aaron Markham the temporary city manager.

The council hoped to find another interim manager in a few days.

The council also voted to make Councilman Jim Restucci the new mayor

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