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Girl Hit by Car on Tieton Drive

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- Yakima Police say a young girl is lucky she escaped with only minor injuries after she was hit a car this morning.

It happened around 7:45.  Police say the girl was riding her bike along the sidewalk on Tieton Drive.

Officers say she rode past a blind corner on 11th Avenue just as a car was pulling out.

Police say the car wasn't traveling very fast.

Officers tell us kids need to be especially vigilant along busy streets like this.

"We just need these kids to be extremely careful riding down the road and riding from behind buildings. Vehicle drivers are watching for vehicles, they're not watching for pedestrians and they're really not watching for people on bicycles," said Yakima Police Sergeant Jay Seely.

The accident closed down part of Tieton Drive for about 30 minutes.

Officers say the girl was not wearing a helmet, making it even more remarkable she escaped with minor injuries.