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Second Suspect in Selah Murder Case Found Guilty

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YAKIMA, Wash.--A guilty verdict  for the second suspect in a murder case that's spanned 15 years. Frank Brugnone heard his fate in a Yakima courtroom Friday morning.

"There's a blackness that follows you for years, and then finally they pick someone up and you have some hope," said Curtis Clift, the brother of Carolyn Clift who was founded murdered in her apartment in late August of 1997.

Curtis Clift will always remember his sister's smile.

"You remember the past," said Clift. "You remember how wonderful she was as a sister and a mother."

On that fateful night, neighbors called Selah police after hearing screams coming from Carolyn's apartment. An officer responded, only to find her body. She'd been stabbed multiple times.

"The injuries and cellular material found under her nails are consistent with a woman who fought for her life," said Judge Ruth Reukauf.

"It's frightening to have someone taken from you so violently, especially when you don't know who did it," said Clift.

Investigators weren't sure who did it for almost 14 years, but Selah Detectives persisted and interviewed witnesses who remembered seeing Michael Gorski and Frank Brugnone in the apartment's parking lot that night. DNA evidence also linked Gorski to the crime scene.

A jury found Gorski guilty of second-degree murder last week.

Friday it was Brugnone's turn to face the judge.

Judge Reukauf said Brugnone wasn't an innocent bystander in this case and convicted him of second-degree murder.

To the men convicted of taking his sister's life, Clift only had this to say.

"There was no reason for what they did," said Clift. "They're evil people and they deserve what they're getting."