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Workers Preparing Snow Castle for Winter Carnival This Weekend

WHITE PASS, Wash.-- Workers at White Pass Ski Resort are gearing up for the annual "Winter Carnival" this weekend.

"All these people get started and just don't wanna stop," said Castle Builder David Ruby.

The annual carnival will bring games, races, and live music to white pass this weekend, but its most iconic symbol is the big castle that springs up every year.

"I'm just proud to be a part of it," said Ruby.

It's built entirely by volunteers, shoveling snow as well as watering and packing the towers.

These volunteers bring many of the skills from their own jobs to the table.

"Myself, being in the construction trade, just kind of adapted those skills to building the forms for this," Ruby said.

They want it done right.

"Making sure that the tunnel gets put in and everything's nice and firm, we've got a good foundation to build off," said Ruby's fellow castle builder James Montgomery.

Safety is a major concern for the building of this castle. Not only is the tunnel under the castle completely reinforced, but it can also take the weight of a 20-thousand pound snowcat.

It's backbreaking work.

"You know, I don't have any trouble going to bed at the end of the day it's pretty... It's pretty hard, but it's fun. We get to be out here, on a day like this today, and it's not all work. We get to throw snowballs at each other," Montgomery said.

"We're really tired, you know, it's always a... Huge job and we never think that we can complete it in time... And then all of a sudden, it's done," Montgomery said.

However, there's one thing that makes it all worth it.

"The real joy of the whole thing comes on Saturday morning when we open it up to all the children," said Ruby.

"They approach it and ask if they can actually play on it... To hear someone say yes, you can play on this and do whatever you want... It's pretty priceless," said Montgomery.

The Winter Carnival is happening all day this Saturday and Sunday. While lift ticket prices are the same, the castle is free and open to the public.