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Three Rotary Clubs Starting Work on Franklin Park Improvements

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Workers have started tearing up the ground at Franklin Park in Yakima to make way for a number of Rotary Club projects.

We've already told you about the biggest piece: a pavilion built by Sunrise Rotary that will function as both a stage for concert events and a covered picnic area.

Right next to it, Downtown Rotary is building a new playground to replace the older one that was torn down last year.

Finally, Southwest Rotary is providing two covered picnic areas next to the playground, so parents can watch their kids from the shade.

It's the first time all three clubs have come together on a major project.

"We've done work at Kiwanis Park, but it was more in bits and pieces and this is really a unified effort to change the face of this park and bring it to a new height," said Sunrise Rotary President Sheri Brockway.

Workers are starting on all three projects now. Several sections of the park will be fenced off while construction is happening.

Members expect to complete the pavilion by May, and the playground and picnic areas sometime in late spring.