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City Council Considering Giving $13,000 to Trolley Association

YAKIMA, Wash.-- The Yakima City Council is considering reimbursing the trolley association to help restore the trolley line from Selah to Yakima.

The group has run into some troubles in recent years, after thieves stole nearly 14-thousand feet worth of copper wiring in 2006.

That wire was valued at over 10-thousand dollars.

In addition to that, their service truck's hydraulic system stopped working about two years ago.

It's taken them until now to find the problem and get the truck working again.

The fix ended up costing them 13-thousand dollars and they want the city to help them foot the bill.

With the truck back in service, the trolley association wants to reconnect the Yakima to Selah line. They're shooting to have it done by this June.

That's the 100th anniversary of the line.

The city council will discuss this and other issues at their next meeting.

That's happening tonight at six in Yakima City Hall.