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Group Wants Track 29 Mall Listed as Historic District

YAKIMA, Wash.-- A group in Yakima is trying to get the Track 29 Mall listed as a historic district, amid worries it could be torn down.

The mall lost a number of businesses after the original company that owned it declared bankruptcy.

The trustee appointed to the property has filed paperwork with the city to remove railway cars to create space for a parking lot.

However, the form doesn't specify whether it's all cars or some.

That's why the Historic North Yakima Group, along with a number of Track 29 businesses, are filing to make it a historic area.

"Many people come to this restaurant from out of the state, out of town, and write comment cards to us about the attractive place that Track 29 is," says Russillo's Owner Lonnie Davis.

We were not able reach trustee Matthew Anderton for comment.

However, in a memo to the businesses on the mall, he says Track 29 "in its current configuration is not sustainable".

The Historic North Yakima Group is still working on the nomination. They say it will take several months before the city decides on the area's historic status.