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The Bulldogs are used to good fans. The Bulldogs are used to good fans.
By Alex Rozier KHQ Reporter/Anchor
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Stephanie Rokich loved her time at Gonzaga. Rokich hasn't been back since her graduation in 2009, but she knows she wants to return very soon. She's living and working in Salt Lake City, the same place where she grew up. Though she loves her hometown she will never forget her years in Spokane.

"Campus was so beautiful and it was really fun being a part of that city," Stephanie Rokich said. "I wanted to take pictures of my favorite places at Gonzaga so I would remember them."

It just so happens her dad also went to Gonzaga. John Rokich went to GU in the 70's.

"I was at Gonzaga exactly 30 years before my daughter was," John Rokich said. "I just love the people there. I've never met nicer people in my life."

They both studied in the communication and journalism fields and both studied at Gonzaga. So what is different about this daddy daughter duo's Gonzaga experience? basketball.

"When I went there I don't even know what conference they were in," John Rokich said. "We were a nobody in basketball at that time. We played in the old McCarthey Athletic Center which was not much more than a glorified high school gym at that time."

"Going to the games was a huge part of the Gonzaga experience for me," Stephanie Rokich said. "Everybody loved going to the basketball games it was one of the highlights."

The program has definitely progressed over the years as they come into their hometown of Salt Lake City as a number one seed.

"This is like a once in a lifetime thing that may never be repeated," John Rokich said.

Few can predict the future, but the Rokich's say that they will never forget the time they went to Gonzaga and they will also never forget the time Gonzaga came to them. The NCAA tournament continues today with 2nd round action all across the country.