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Woman Faces Felony Charges For $2600 In Walmart Thefts

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HAYDEN, Idaho - An employee at a North Idaho Walmart lost her job and is now facing several felony charges that she stole thousands of dollars. Authorities say the employee did not just strike once but several times over three months.

Kootenai County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate and the unidentified woman has not been charged yet. They say she was allegedly caught stealing over $2,600 dollars over four different incidents, but they will not release that surveillance footage until she is charged.

This kind of theft not only occurs at larger corporations like Walmart. The owner of 50% Card Shop Linda Powell said, "It was bigger than what external theft was. You could pretty much gage it was 3-4% of your business. People would stuff things in their bag, and go sell them. Or you'd find tell tale signs in the store somewhere."

Linda said that her accountants told her how much loss from theft had occurred this past year and she was at a loss for words. This could potentially jeopardize her business if it continues. Surveillance cameras, like the kind that caught the Walmart employee would help, but they're too pricey for small locally owned businesses like Linda's.

She also added that there is not many things that officers can do, unless the culprit is caught at the time of the incident. Linda suspects crime at retailers like hers are on the rise because of the poor economy and low wages. The Walmart employee told authorities she used the money she stole to buy food and basic necessities.