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EWU Receivers, Quarterback Working On Chemistry

Quarterback Vernon Adams is developing a rapport with the Eastern Washington receivers. Quarterback Vernon Adams is developing a rapport with the Eastern Washington receivers.

Gone are the dynamic trio that lined up at receiver for the Eastern Washington football team last season.

Brandon Kaufman, Greg Herd and Nicholas Edwards are all graduated, leaving a giant hole in the Eagles' offense. There's no reason to fret for Eastern Washington fans, though, the Eagles have a group of playmakers ready to step in.

The chemistry of the new-look receiving corps with quarterback Vernon Adams, that's coming along just fine.

"Some of that stems from last year," head coach Beau Baldwin said. "A lot of these receivers, it's not as if they're playing football for the first time with Vernon or as a group, you guys just haven't seen them on Saturdays. They've gotten a lot of practice reps, they're doing a good job of it, they did a great job in the winter on their own doing things together."

The group still puts in extra work on their own time.  Junior receiver Cory Mitchell said Adams will text them on the weekend and tell them a time to meet on the field. There, they'll convene and practice routes and timing.

Timing is the biggest issue as Adams grows accustomed to throwing to a new set of receivers. Mitchell, Shaquille Hill, Ashton Clark, Daniel Johnson and Cooper Kupp are all speed guys that Adams notes as playmakers. The increased speed at the position means the sophomore quarterback has to release the ball earlier, though.

"These guys, they're shorter and I have to get the ball off probably a second faster than I did last year," Adams said. "I have to make sure it's not too high, I'm not throwing sidearm. My technique has to be on point. That's why we've been getting together on the weekends and doing the extra work. Just so we can have the timing and just be ready game one, August 31 against Oregon State and get that W."

"Timing is just one of those things that you have to constantly work on, constantly work on, constantly work on," Mitchell said. "I think we're getting better at it every day. Every now and then you see some struggle. Like, I'll be out of my break waiting for the ball or he'll be throwing the ball before I'm out of my break. It's just a timing thing. It's something that every receiving corps and every quarterback has to go through."

Despite the slow progress, Baldwin has high hopes for a group that he calls "very strong." If they continue to mesh and grow comfortable with each other, the upside is exciting.

"They make a move, they can be gone," Adams said. "You guys are going to see a lot of big plays this year."