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Firefighters Ready to Respond 24/7 at Tri-City Airport

PASCO, Wash. - In response to the plane crashes in San Francisco and Alaska, local firefighters at the Tri-Cities Airport want you to know how they're ready to keep you safe.

Thanks to a partnership between the airport and the City of Pasco, Fire Station 82 has two specialized crash trucks for airport emergencies.

The trucks have twice the water pressure of a normal fire truck. They have the technology to contact air traffic controllers and dispatchers, and are equipped to let a single firefighter attack a burning plane from several angles. 

To meet the Federal Aviation Administration requirements, the fire station has at least one firefighter on hand at all times, ready to respond.

"We have flights coming in from about 5 in the morning until about 11 o'clock at night," said Firefighter Dave Hare, a Battalion Chief in Pasco, "there are commercial flights, and then we also have private aircraft that come in all hours of the day and night. So we provide 24 hour a day, 7 day a week protection here at the airfield for in-flight emergencies."

The fire station says it handles about six airport calls every year. While most of them turn out to be small, firefighters say everything that happens in the air is an emergency until everyone is safely on the ground.