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'I Think Clay Lost Control' Juror #3 Speaks Out About The Clay Starbuck Trial

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SPOKANE, Wash. -
KHQ's Dylan Wohlenhaus spoke exclusively to juror #3 in the Clay Starbuck trial on Friday afternoon. The female juror was one of the 7 women & 5 men of the jury. She asked not to be identified. I think "prosecutors solidified the case. Forensics were very big for me." She says. Clay Starbuck's DNA was found under the fingernails of Chanin Starbuck when her body was discovered. Another thing Juror number 3 explained was imported to her was "the key witnesses & some of the things said". A teacher testified that Clay told her, he wouldn't be surprised if Chanin was found dead with her throat cut, when describing to the teacher Chanin's "loose" dating habits.  
Juror number 3 spoke candidly about the defense' argument that the investigation was botched and a second strain of DNA evidence found in Chanin's home and near her body that was inconclusive. That extra DNA the defense said could have been Chanin's killer. "It didn't work. It was not concrete enough for us. Had Clay had a solid alibi, it would have made things completely different." KHQ's Dylan Wohlenhaus spoke to several jurors over the phone. They all say the 5 kids between Chanin & Clay were a big focus & they did not want Clay to be guilty. The kids had lost their mother to murder and were on the verge of losing their father to a life in prison. "You can only make the decision based on what we were given & all the evidence pointed to Clay Starbuck being guilty."