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TeQ Talk: Always Losing Your Keys? Your Cat? 'Stick-N-Find' Can Help!

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Your keys, your wallet, your phone, and even your little kitty, "Gerald Milton Bostock" (who you named after the main character of Jethro Tull's 1972 classic Thick as a Brick). What do they all have in common? They are always getting lost. At least in my case. Especially Gerald. 

I have a ritual every time I leave the house: 1.) Check the front left pocket for my phone. 2.) Check my right rear pocket for my wallet. 3.) Check my right front pocket for my keys. Usually, without fail, one of the items on the checklist is missing in action. Normally, this will add an extra 5-10 minutes on my departure while I search for the lost necessity. Well, as I arrived to work on Tuesday 10 minutes late, I had no idea that it would be the last time I'd be able to blame my tardiness on not be able to find my keys. 

My News Director handed me a box with bright, white bold letters that simply said "Find Your Stuff." How fortuitous. The box contained the answer to all of my tardiness problems. The name: Stick-N-Find. 

The concept behind Stick-N-Find is nothing new, however the technology behind it is. We've all seen those remote control beepers that you attach to your key chain and if you ever can't find your keys, you simply press a button, and walk towards the sound of the receiver attached to your keys. Stick-N-Find takes this concept and brings it into the 21st century. 

Each box comes with two receivers that are no bigger than a quarter. Each receiver has a piece of adhesive attached to it (and I'm not talking about an adhesive that will wear down after a week. This stuff is made by the kings of all things sticky, 3M). With the super sticky tape, you can attach your receiver (finder stickers as they are called by Stick-N-Find) to whatever you want to keep track of. That's nothing new. We've seen that before, right? Well, not exactly. 

With the Stick-N-Find product, once your receivers are attached to your valuables, you simply pull out your smart phone or tablet, download their free app in your app store, and sync it up using Bluetooth technology. With your downloaded app, you can choose between three vital functions to make sure you always know where your stuff is. 

First, there is the "radar" function. This allows you to track up to 20 items within 150 feet of your radar. And it couldn't be simpler to use. The closer you get to whatever you're looking for, the stronger the signal becomes. So when Gerald decides to steal your BLT and eat it under the bed, you'll know exactly where to look. Your days are numbered fat cat. 

Second, there is the "virtual leash." Let's say you're at the movie theater and you bring your cat. Well, attach a Stick-N-Find sticker to his collar and enjoy the show, because if Gerald decides he's not a fan of the new Ryan Gossling movie and tries to sneak out, you'll instantly be alerted the moment he gets out of range. "Ah, ah, not so fast Gerald. The motorcycle scene is coming up." 

Third, and probably most useful in my opinion, is the simple "find it" feature. As I rush around my house looking for my keys so I won't be late to work to write up the next Teq Talk, I can just pull out my phone, click on the "find it" feature, flip the button and just wait to hear the loud beep. It even comes with a bright light that accompanies the beep incase Gerald decided to hide my keys in the laundry chute again. 

All in all, I found the Stick-N-Find to very useful, and it does exactly what it says it will. And it does it with style. The range on it is about 150 feet and the battery last for about a year. They are available in many colors, if you're into accessorizing your potentially lost items and they are available for sale at www.sticknfind.com 

$49.99 will get you two receivers, but save you time and a headache when you're trying to find your valuables. Or your mischievous cat.