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Three Juveniles Charged With Rendering Criminal Assistance

The three teenagers who helped hide Kenan Adams-Kinard appeared in Spokane County Juvenile Court Tuesday. Two of the teens are 17-years-old and one is 16-years-old, which means their names have not been released and their pictures cannot be show.

No one knew where Kenan Adams-Kinard was hiding until early Monday morning.

"Mr. Kinard then had several other juveniles involved in hiding him from law enforcement, so I am concerned about community safety," said Judge Debra Hayes in court Monday.

Kinard was taken into custody five days after the beating death of 88-year-old Delbert Belton. Kinard's family says they received an anonymous call from someone saying he was hiding at a home in the 500 block of West Montgomery. The family then called Spokane Police, who went to the home and found Kinard hiding in the basement of an apartment with three juveniles.

At the first appearance for Kenan Adams-Kinard in Spokane County District Court Tuesday, one of the prosecutors read a statement about what was said by those three teenagers. The juveniles were interviewed by police the morning Kinard was taken into custody.

"Individuals stated to the Spokane Police that Adams-Kinard had admitted that they had taken money and the wallet of the victim and beaten him," said one of the prosecutors in court Tuesday.

Police executed a search warrant at the home where Kinard was found. At the first appearance, prosecutors said police found a hand written letter during the search that is said to be written by Kinard.

"There was also a hand written letter that was taken by the police during the execution of a search warrant on August 26, 2013, which is alleged to have been authored by Kenan Kinard that intended to verify the information given by the witnesses who gave the statements that Mr. Adams-Kinard had given to them and that is, that the victim was robbed of his wallet, money and other items, and was beaten prior to them fleeing in opposite directions," read a prosecutor in court Tuesday.

All three teenagers are being charged with rendering criminal assistance. While those three, who are about the same age as Kinard, are being tried as juveniles, Kinard is being tried as an adult. When the charges are as serious as this case, at age 16, a person is automatically tried as an adult.

Both suspects, Demetrius Glenn and Kenan Adams-Kinard, are charged with first degree murder and first degree robbery.