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Tour 'Bella Cova' - Spokane's Natural Resource & Support Center For Everything New Mothers Need

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you stumble into Bella Cova for the first time, you will probably find yourself saying, "I've never seen anything like this before." Bella Cova, which means "Beautiful Nest," offers all the resources and support new mothers need to raise themselves and their babies in the healthiest most natural way possible.

They offer natural products for mothers and babies, have a fair trade, organic coffee shop, a play area for kids, an open meeting area for support groups to meet or mothers to chat, a lending library based completely on the honors system, a yoga studio, massage and counseling center, breast feeding support, natural parenting education classes and so much more!

"We believe that all women deserve access to credible, accurate information about pregnancy and childbirth. As educated consumers, women are empowered to make informed health care decisions and choose maternity care providers who are best suited to their particular needs and wishes. We envision a future where women and families turn to Bloom Spokane as their first resource for birth information and support."

For more information or to find a calendar of all classes and events offered at Bella Cova, visit: