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KHQ-TV is looking for a Digital Journalist to join the Inland Northwest's largest, proudest news team. Think of this position as the "Swiss Army Knife" of news. DJ's will cover breaking news, develop and nurture local news contacts, enterprise unique stories, and follow-up on news stories. This person will not only develop said stories, but all so shoot, write, and edit them for multiple media platforms. In other words, we need a highly motivated individual who is well-versed in the rules of journalism, capable of working in a self directed environment and able to exercise a high level of creativity, innovation and enterprise when creating stories for presentation across multiple media delivery platforms. 1-3 years of experience is preferred.

Required Qualifications & Skills:
  • Previous reporting experience with professional print or online news organization, either as a staff member or intern.
  • Experience with mobile reporting tools.
  • Willingness to work overtime when necessary.
  • Knowledge of and desire to participate in social media.
  • Eagerness to share skills with other staff members and the community, as well as learn from others.
  • Ability to adapt in a changing media and technology landscape.
  • Ability to use web-based applications such as G-mail, Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Ability to create non-article content - e.g. tweets, video clips, databases - for online.
  • Technology and/or web development experience preferred.
Other Requirements:
  • Passion and dedication to news!
  • Great story teller who writes to video;
  • Must enjoy working as one “man” band;
  • Good video photographer with eye for news, features and sports;
  • Minimum two (2) years experience as a television news reporter, shooter or editor;
  • Familiarity with ENG and SNG;
  • Ability to meet daily deadlines and work cooperatively with other staff members;
  • Experience editing news copy and videotape;
  • Good phone etiquette;
  • Newsroom computer experience preferred;
  • Must possess a valid driver's license with no DUI convictions;
  • Ability to carry fifty pounds of television equipment;
  • Pass pre-employment drug test.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree in Radio/Television, Film, Fine Arts or related field AND four years experience operating video cameras and editing equipment;
  • OR, Two years experience operating video cameras and editing equipment;
  • OR, an equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education.
Please send your resume, cover letter and reel to

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