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COPY-MSU Women Show Mental Toughness in Come-From-Behind Win

The Montana State women's basketball team has the mental toughness to overcome any deficit.

Eastern Washington found that out first hand.

The Eagles had a 10 point lead over the lady cats midway through the second half.

"We challenged our mentality," said Cats head coach Tricia Binford when asked what she said during a timeout to spark her team to a win. "I thought Eastern Washington did a great job of putting us on our heels and I thought we lost some our edge, that confidence, that swagger and I challenged them to get it back."

"I don't think anyone of us thought we were going to lose," said Cats Junior guard Ausha Cole. "To be honest we just all had fight and heart in that game and we were determined to win that one."

Like any team in the Big Sky, Montana State has one area of concern....and it's not the new dribble drive offense that was installed before the season.

"Eastern Washington, when they made that run we had a lot of transition breakdowns and from a defensive stand point our defense our transition defense is really weak," explained Binford. "So we need to get that down."

The Bobcats played Eastern Washington last season in the Big Sky tournament and got blown out in the second half. But player and coach say this team is not last year's team.

"We have extreme flow and our team is on a different level than past years," said Cole.

"I think our identity of this team is different," agreed Binford. "This team since day one has been one of those teams where it doesn't matter what the scoreboard says. We've been playing some of best basketball when we're down by 10 points, unfortunately for me.