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Let The Smack Talk Begin...

SWXRIGHTNOW.COM - Seattle Seahawks fans have never really been fond of the Denver Broncos.

The Hawks and the Broncos division rivals back when Seattle was apart of the AFC West. The Seahawks didn't move to the NFC until 2002, so local fans have had 25-years to build up a dislike for Denver; in fact, Seattle fans publicly bashed Ford Broncos in the mid-'80s to show their dislike.

With Super Bowl XLVIII less than two weeks away, the rivalry still lives on and Bronco fans haven't been shy to show their true feelings.

Here's some pictures we've found online...

With Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman making headlines for his NFC Championship postgame interview, an appliance company in Denver took a jab at Sherman. Contract Appliance bought a billboard comparing Denver Broncos' 12-time Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey to Sherman.

There's something new on the menu in Denver. It's called Fresh, Young Seahawk. Would you try it?

Also, our KHQ facebook friend Jim was heading to Seattle to pick up Super Bowl tickets and had to fly over in the Bronco plane. Yes, we know it's a Boise State plane, but do you think it's a bad omen?

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