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Seahawks Land in New York, Speak to Media

Below are quotes from the NFL from the Seattle Seahawks upon arrival to New York


Super Bowl XLVIII – Sunday, January 26, 2014



(on Denver WR Demaryius Thomas) "I definitely think he's in the top five. He's put together a heck of a year and done everything in his power to put himself in that conversation. He's made the big catches. He's made a lot of runs after the catch and turned small plays into huge plays. I think that he's a great receiver, and he's a great competitor. It's going to be a fun matchup between both of us, because we're both intense competitors and good friends."

(on Denver having more cold weather playing experience) "I'm not sure how much it'll help. They have a little more experience in it than we do. I think we'll just approach the situation as we always do. You go out there, you play hard, you play disciplined, you play sound, and you try not to worry about the difficulties of the weather or whatever else happens out there."

(on Seattle being a young, inexperienced team) "I've never seen experience playing a game. We don't worry about things like that. We didn't have any experience in the NFC Championship either, and we did fine there. I think us treating every week like a championship experience, like a championship game has helped us kind of look at every game the same, and every game has a tremendous impact and is of tremendous importance to us. I don't think anything changes this week for us in that regard."

(on his sound bites potentially being used in Denver's locker room) "I think you're always cognizant of it as a football player, especially in today's world where everybody's looking for a story, everybody's trying to get their name in a paper. Everybody's looking to get the quickest headline they can. Everybody else is just going to jump on. I think everyone's cognizant of it, and everyone's aware of what could happen if they gave potential sound bites, but it's all going to come down to who plays the best football, so none of that is going to be relevant."

(on disrupting QB Peyton Manning and Denver's offense) "I think the only way you can do that is to focus on yourself and focus on what you have to do, playing disciplined, sound football, being where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there and not really worrying about what they have to do. You can study the film; you can do everything and prepare yourself as best you can, but after that it really comes down to the execution. If you're worrying about them executing and you're not executing, then you don't have a chance anyway."

(on Denver CB Champ Bailey) "I think Champ Bailey is a fantastic person and player, and I think he's going to be a Hall of Famer once his career's done. He's kind of laid out the base work to be a lock-down corner in this league. He did it for a long time, and he's still doing it. For him to get to a Super Bowl is a great accomplishment for him, especially at 15 years in the game. That's not easy to do. I think you've got to tip your hat off to him."

(on being cautious of what he says) "It's not that much different than your regular…you can't say crazy stuff on a regular basis so I don't think being at the Super Bowl makes it any different. It'll just be a huge stage that you made a mistake on instead of a smaller stage. In the NFL with social media and everything, all the technology nowadays, anytime you say anything it's going to spread quick."

(on preparing for the Super Bowl) "We have to continue to do what we've been doing. We have to continue to work hard, we have to continue to prepare, continue to watch film and not be distracted by the elements, not be distracted by the stage and the media and everything else that takes away from your normal routine as a football player. I think if guys can get back to their routines, we'll be fine."

(on if his life has changed in the last week) "Not too much. I've made it to the Super Bowl, so it's changed in that regard. I've gotten a few more phone calls, congratulatory phone calls, but it hasn't changed much. We have one more game to play, and we've been preparing like it's another game, and that's status quo."


Super Bowl XLVIII – Sunday, January 26, 2014



(on his comments after the NFC Championship) "I still enjoy that because you're learning, constantly learning and constantly growing as a person. You're constantly figuring out how the world works, how you can affect the world and how your words affect kids. I really want to affect kids and influence and inspire kids to really reach their full potential and live their life goals and go out there and make the world a better place, so if I can do that on this stage, it's a great blessing."

(on this Super Bowl matchup) "I think we have a team full of competitors who want to go against the best team, the best offense, the number one offense, the number one quarterback, who has thrown the most touchdowns. We have a tremendous amount of respect for them because we know their resume and their reputation. We're going to go out there and try to execute, and it's going to be a battle of wills. It's going to be a fun game for us."

(on his comments after the NFC Championship overshadowing his play) "I think in some people's eyes, the comments overshadow the play because that's what they were focusing on, but some people actually focused on the game and they noticed the play and understood what kind of play it was."

(on being referred to as a thug) "I think it did have some effect on opening up the channels of communication and conversation and dialogue. I think I had some impact on it, and I want to have a positive impact. I want people to understand that everybody should be judged by their character and who they are as a person and not by the color of their skin. I think that's something we've worked to get past as a nation, as a country and we're continuing to work on it. It's healthy. Everything that happened, all the people who sent the messages, who tweeted what they tweeted, it ends up turning around to be a positive because it opens back up the discussion and people begin to get more educated. Anytime you get more knowledge, you're more powerful as a person."

(on the LOB nickname) "L-O-B, Legion of Boom, it's brought us together as a secondary and really brought us together as a family and a brotherhood. It gave us something to fall back on, something that we really could tip our hat on, that we could really say, ‘We've made it. We made this. This is who we are. This is what we are. This is our personality. This is our group.' I think it also shows the depth. Legion is a vast army. It shows the depth and incorporates everything into it. We boom. You've got Kam Chancellor out there who's probably the most physical safety in the league. He booms. He's the enforcer in the Legion of Boom. Earl Thomas is a speed demon. Byron Maxwell makes plays every game. I think all that comes together, all the guys are together a great group. For the team, we try to be the spark plug. We've tried to be the energy. When a play needs to be made, we try to be the guys to make the play. I think our team accepts and appreciates our role."

(on Super Bowl experience) "I don't think Super Bowl experience really counts for that much in a game like this. At the end of the day, I don't know how much the Baltimore Ravens and (Joe) Flacco had, but they didn't seem to do too bad. Both teams last year didn't have very much Super Bowl experience, and it was still a great game at the end of the day. It's still a football game...we'll go out there and play."

(on past experiences playing in MetLife Stadium) "It's a good field. The turf is good. It's fast, but it's a totally different team. It's a totally different team coming in. It's really more about the team than the stadium, and I think that's why we can't gain much from it. We don't know how (the weather) is going to be. There's snow on the ground right now, so it'll be fun to play in some snow."

(on who he really is) "I'm just a guy trying to be the best, a guy that wants to help his team win and is a fiery competitor who goes out there and puts his life into his work and puts his everything and his passion into his work, a guy that's come from humble beginnings and came from a place not a lot people make it out of. I'm just trying to affect the world in a positive way."


Super Bowl XLVIII – Sunday, January 26, 2014



(on not having any players on the roster with Super Bowl experience whether he gave them advice on the week ahead) "First off, I would like to correct you, Ricardo Lockette was at last year's Super Bowl. We have heaps of experience. There is a lot of stuff in traveling here that we have to be aware of. It's a long trip for us, when we're staying here for the whole week. There are a lot of things going on. We have a tremendous support staff that will keep us on track with all of the logistics and all that, but basically we have to stay focused on the football. There's a lot happening and it's a very exciting time for everyone. The conversation is ongoing about staying true to what we're doing and staying true to ourselves as we prepare for this."

(on how a player like WR Doug Baldwin can go undrafted and what he has meant to the team) "He's one of many guys that make it in the league that aren't drafted. Sometimes it's hard to measure the competiveness and the heart of a guy, but Doug Baldwin is an extraordinary competitor. He's as tough as you could ever want a kid to be. He has a big chip on his shoulder and he proves it every time he goes on the practice field or on the game field. He's a fantastic performer and a come-through guy for us. We had known him in college and played against him and appreciated his work. The fact that he was sitting there and we had the chance to get him was very special for us, because we knew we had a good football player coming in."

(on practice plan for the week and how often practices will be held outdoors) "We're going to have a normal week as best as we can – with the media events we have to take care of in between our day. The rest of it, the availability of the fields, we're at the Giants' facility, we'll find out. I understand there's snow on the field and they're somewhat frozen, so we could likely be indoors for most of the week. As we always do, we'll figure that out on a day-to-day basis. We like to get out when we can. We'll have to see if it's available to us."

(on how much of a resource linebackers' coach Ken Norton has been) "Kenny Norton, as far as I know, is the only player in history to win three Super Bowls in a row. He's always been a guy that's been a resource to us as we've tried to understand what it takes to be a championship program, when we were back at SC (University of Southern California) and here too. He's a very unique coach and a unique individual that meant a lot to those teams. He was right in the middle of all of it that was happening. He's always been a great resource for us. Specifically this week, we've used the few guys that we have that have spoken, Ricardo Lockette has not made a presentation to the club yet. There have been some phone calls. A lot of our guys have talked around to make sure that we're getting all the information that we can so that we can make good decisions. It seems like, from the input that we've received, that we're on track with what we're trying to do and the expectations of how we'll get through the week and how it will all work out for us. We feel very comfortable with it. I don't really feel like we have to change a whole lot. I think our system is pretty intact and we're going to try to make sure we maintain that throughout the week."

(on whether he is surprised about QB Russell Wilson's composure) "We've never seen anything from Russell that wasn't a consistent, direction, support, mindset, character, work habits; he's never changed at all. Nothing's ever changed. The way we deal with him has been very consistent because he's been so rock solid consistent. He's ready for this opportunity. He's been readying himself throughout his playing career in all sports. He's got a great savvy about him and I think he's going to continue to show that. I don't expect anything to change on game day or in preparation. He's shown us no reason to think anything but that."

(on the experience leaving Seattle) "We had an extraordinary sendoff. The 12s were out there in full force. There were a number of settings from the little trip we take from the V-Mac to the airport. When we got down to the last stretch, there were thousands of people lining the streets. The bus could (only) go two miles an hour because they had swarmed into the streets. It was just enough room for the bus. It was really fun to see. They weren't just waving; they were jumping up and down and cheering, just like the 12s do. Our following was well represented today. It was extraordinary fun for everyone to see that. Everyone had a blast. They pounded on the bus and the whole thing. It was very collegiate like in a sense and it was really cool."


Super Bowl XLVIII – Sunday, January 26, 2014



(on the challenge Seattle's defense faces going against Denver's offense) "It's historically, as hard as it gets. It can't get any tougher. They've done everything – broken every major record in the throwing game, points and everything. Peyton's (Manning) been extraordinary. He's had the year that everyone would dream to have. People couldn't even dream to have the year that Peyton's had before this season with all the numbers. We're up against it. They don't just throw the football ball. They do run the ball. They ran the ball well in games they needed to down the stretch. It's an extraordinary challenge and we know we have a good defense and good guys that can play over there; they understand what we want to get done and all. We're going to see how this matchup goes. They have to play us too. We'll see how that works out. It makes for a great challenge for the coaching staff trying to get prepared, the game plan and of course come game day when the players take care of it. They will be checked out. It's an amazing challenge for us."

(on whether he thought about his time as head coach of the Jets on the plane ride in) "No, not then, but I have thought about it quite a bit. It has come up in the week's preparation already. I've always loved playing in New York. I loved the fact that I had a chance to be here for five years. To have a chance to be a head coach in New York is an extraordinary honor because of the history and the following and all that goes along with that. Unfortunately it didn't last very long, but it still was a great experience and I remember it well. I'm really proud to come back here and coach in a game like this, this status, in places we once lived and worked. It's a special honor to do that."

(on who he has leaned on in regards to gaining insight into Super Bowl week) "I'm not going to tell you who I leaned on, but I did. I had some very important phone calls and conversations with people who know what this is all about. I don't need to point out who it is, but it was important to me. I learned some good things and we got validated on what we're doing, the system and what we can expect and all of that. Hopefully, it'll all weigh in and help us out."

(on whether the fake-spike game in 1994 was beginning of the end of his time with the New York Jets) "It didn't have to be. When you look back on it that's what you would point to because we lost four games after that as well. There was a time in that game when we were ahead and doing great and it just kind of went south on us. That play has been a pretty famous play and I'm glad for Dan (Marino). That's the only guy I'm glad for, that he pulled it off. It was a moment when things turned. It didn't feel like it turned. We went up to New England, tried to win a game up there and the next couple of weeks we just couldn't get it right. But it did show you how fine the balance was. We were playing for first place, I believe, in Miami at the time. I think we were both 6-5, or something like that, and it could have been entirely different had we just hung on and won that game. It's one of the seasons I recall that we didn't finish very well and we've gotten a little better at that in years since then."

(on keeping this week from becoming bigger than the game) "It's really important that we've had a longstanding process to deal with the biggest occurrences we can deal with. If we just started talking about it this week and tried to figure it out, I don't think we'd have a chance. But we've been preparing to be a championship team all along. We've been prepared to have the kinds of expectations, to live up to the standards that we operate with on a daily basis in this season's case. I think that our mentality is strong and we understand about what it takes to perform in a game of this kind of magnitude. Every game we've played has been one as big as we possibly could have made it. We continue to talk that way where they continue to have those kinds of expectations and we don't plan on that changing. They know the language. They know what I'm going to tell them. They know how preparation is going to go throughout the week as we get through the process, and hopefully we'll maintain that mentality that allows us to play like we're capable of. That's all we're trying to do and we're not going to try to live up to the moment. We're not going to try to elevate to this wonderful city that we're in. We're going to try to do the things we know how to do and count on that to get the job done. There's some confidence that comes along with that, that you know we don't have to do anything different to play really well, and if it's good enough to beat the Denver Broncos, we'll be in pretty good shape after this week.


Super Bowl XLVIII – Sunday, January 26, 2014



(on guarding against a young team having a sense of accomplishment in getting to the Super Bowl) "That's an issue that you deal with. They feel like, ‘okay, we've got here, and that's all we needed to get done,' or just a sense of relief that you've arrived here. We've had some great matchups along the schedule and there was none bigger than the San Francisco matchup with everything at stake and all that. What I think is that this team, even though we're young, they've got a mature perspective on what it takes to perform really well and that's what we're relying on. We've never talked like all we wanted to do was get here. We've never talked about just getting a ring or getting to the Super Bowl. That's never been our conversation. We've never even talked about getting to the Super Bowl to tell you the truth. We just talk about playing really well, week in and week out. I think there's a mentality that goes along with that that should keep us on track. I'm counting on it. We'll find out. We won't know until we play – we never do – and that will be the deciding factor, if we can stay balanced as we go through it. I think we will and I don't think there's any reason to believe otherwise."

(on being reminded that the "New York Super Bowl" is being played in New Jersey) "I gotcha. You're right. That's my bad. I'm talking to a bunch of people on the West Coast who don't care about that but you're right. It's great to be here and we're going to be playing in New Jersey as well. Even when you're at the Jets, we were the New York Jets but we were playing in New Jersey so I understand. I appreciate that. I'm sorry I didn't straighten that out for you."

(on his first impression of being at the Super Bowl) "It reminds me of the major bowl games and the things that we've been through. It's extraordinarily fun to be here. It's so much fun for our guys to be a part of this and all that. We'll learn as we go through this week that this is what it's all about, but we're well aware that we just crossed the country to play in the biggest football game you can play in and all that follows that. We're going to just take it in stride. I feel like that's kind of what I'm doing right now, is taking the next step – and we've had a lot of major steps here during the week – but it's pretty darn impressive. It's darn impressive. We get off the plane and there's a whole bank of people just filming us walking off the plane. It's not that exciting, but somebody cared. It's fun."



(on the feeling of being part of the Super Bowl) "It's a great feeling, great atmosphere. Obviously, when I got off the plane, I was in shock. I saw all the fans and the police and the fire department out there and just the excitement of the fans back home. They showed us out today. The young kids, you saw them. As a player and competitor, you love to see a little one-year-old in your jersey. You just feed off of that because they all look up to you. It's just a great time to show, especially when God put you on a platform like this."

(on if any games he has played in have come close to this magnitude) "I always go back, and I've been playing football for a long time. The only experience I had like this was the National Championship. I try to go back and see what kind of got me out of whack because it's not normal. It's not your normal routine. You got all the media and the cameras and the extra stuff you have to deal with. But, obviously I learned a lot from that experience, and I'm going to definitely apply it to this experience."

(on how he would respond to people who question the Seattle's experience) "Football is always football at the end of the day. We're just excited to show who we are. This is a great stage; this is a great setting. It's just us. Everybody's gets to watch us. And I always like our chances, especially on this type of stage."

(on where the team goes from here) "I think most people, when the work is almost finished, they kind of spoil it. They kind of feel it in their grasp, and they kind of ease up, but we understand that we can't ease up. We stay all the way through. We're not going to let anything get in our way as far as off-the-field distractions. We're very confident in our preparation. I think that's what really separates us from everybody else is the way we prepare."

(on what Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn has been telling the defense) "The same message he's been telling us since Week 1 – fast and physical, run and hit. We have a big board that everybody signed off – the whole defense – basically saying that we're going to run and hit. And you saw Kam Chancellor – I think he's doing a great job of elevating every time he steps on the grass. I'm very exited for guys like that because they keep getting better. I'm just a fan; I'm excited to see what they're going to do next."

(on Denver QB Peyton Manning) "He's a great quarterback. He's seen a lot of football. He's been in this league a long time. That's the reason he's had so much success and he has the Papa John's commercials and all that. We understand what he's capable of. That's the great thing about preparation is how aware of all the little details as far as the situations, fourth down, red zone, fringe area, minus territory – all those come into factor when you talk about playing a guy like that."

(on if he has thought about making the game-winning play) "Especially in this type of moment, I just want to own my role and be the best free safety and communicator. You definitely have to get back to the fundamentals and the basics, especially in this time of the season. You see a lot of guys that aren't tackling as well; they're not doing as well as they started. That's what it's all about – sticking to your core beliefs, sticking to who you are, and everything else will take care of itself."

(on the secondary coming together) "One of my goals this season was just to be the best teammate possible and just to try to elevate everybody around me just by being the best communicator and pure leading – doing it every day, being the same guy, the focus and attention to detail. People see that, and they feed off it. But it's obvious that we're way ahead of where we were last year when we lost to Atlanta. The heartache and the adverse situation that happened in Atlanta – we learned from it, and it's been carrying us the whole season."

(on if he has talked to anyone who has played in a Super Bowl before to get any tips) "No, I've been in my own little bubble. I trust myself. I don't want anyone to kind of mess with my mentality, my mental game. I just stay to myself and enjoy the moment. The quarterback and the offense can only do so much. In that preseason game that we played them, I'm glad that we had that experience. It's going to be good."


Super Bowl XLVIII – Sunday, January 26, 2014



(on the coldest game he's ever played in) "I don't know. I still treat this game like Pop Warner. Little kids love to play in the mud and the snow. That's just how I am. I don't care."

(on what makes Denver CB Champ Bailey a special player) "The longevity that he's brought to this game. I had him on my MySpace page when I was in high school in maybe tenth grade. This guy has been doing it for a long time, and it's been a humbling experience to see a guy who's been in this league 15 years, and this is his only opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. So, me being a young guy, I'm really grateful, and I'm filled with a bunch of gratitude just for this opportunity."

(on if the cold makes the game harder) "It's difficult whether it's cold or hot, snow, rain. Football is challenging, and that's why you've got to stay in it the whole game and really pay attention to what type of situation it is – personnel, matchups and all of that."

(on what challenges Denver's receiving corps presents) "Just their whole attack in general. It's a lot of play action, deep, developing routes, especially if they get their running game going. So, I think it's very important we make them one dimensional."

(on the value of having defenders who played offense previously) "I think it's just the feel – everything is feel. When you're in the game, and you're feeling what the offense is doing, I think you're at your best, especially when you've been in those situations, running routes, playing running back. You can kind of guess what they're doing – not guess, but kind of feel it. I think that's the biggest difference with our (defensive backs) – we can catch, we can hit, we can run, we can tackle, and obviously, the catching ability from playing offense in high school and Pop Warner."

(on the team's fans) "They never cease to surprise me because even if we lose, it could be four in the morning when we get back, and they're still like little kids out there, going crazy shaking the bus like we just won. That's what I love about our fans. Whether we win, lose or draw, they're always going to be on our side. We're both very unique in how loud they are and how much we enjoy the game and how passionate we are about it, and it always shows."

(on if he has reached out to anybody for advice this week) "Not really. I bumped into Lawyer Milloy. He's still in the Seattle area, and we always talk. Just finish the job. He trusts, he's been in this situation, (and) he knows the feel of the dream-like feel and the in-the-zone feel. And just taking advantage of every opportunity and enjoying the moment."

(on if he sees a path for himself similar to Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu) "You always look at guys who have had success in this league, and those guys were definitely the best at their position, and they have championships under their belt. So, definitely when my legacy is done, I want some championships. This is a great opportunity I want to cash in and take advantage of."

(on Denver's pre-snap audibles) "A lot of that stuff is obviously for them. I'm not going to be a genie back there and try to guess what he's doing. It's all about principles. We have principles in our defense, and if we follow them to a ‘T' based on what they're trying to do, I think we'll be fine."

(on the impact of Seattle CB Walter Thurmond) "There are really no weaknesses in our defense. That's just the great draft ability that we have. We have guys that could be starters anywhere else. Walter understands how important he is to this game, and he's ready for the challenge. He's been practicing great."

(on if the defensive line can win the game for Seattle) "It's going to take everybody. It's not about one particular person. It's not about one position group. It's about team."


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