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WARNING: Scam Targets War Veterans

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KHQ.COM - Getting back into life in a non-combat zone can be challenging for many, and the challenge is even tougher when scammers are trying to prey on veterans. The Better Business Bureau says there is a new website scam where criminals are trying to take advantage of military members and their families.

The BBB is warning that the site, US.Military.Benefit.org, collects soldiers email accounts and passwords. The fraudulent website, according to the BBB, is no longer operating but it’s the latest of several which falsely claim that the U.S. military has granted access to unclaimed benefits for active duty soldiers -- but only for a limited time.

The army warns veterans of several red flags. First, official military websites will always have “.mil” in the URL address. Second, be leery of any unsolicited emails or text messages asking for private information; including usernames, email addresses and passwords. Finally, the BBB if you see any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors, it’s likely a scam.

Again, while this website in particular has been taken down, the BBB says it hears about similar scams like this everyday. If you would like to go to the army's official website for benefits, click here: http://myarmybenefits.us.army.mil/