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Son Allegedly Murdered Father Using Baseball Bat

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New court records say Adam Hatfield allegedly killed his father-- Matt Hatfield-- with a baseball bat at the cabin where the two were living together.

In late 2008, Matt Hatfield was reported missing by his sister.

At that time, Matt and his son-- Adam were living together in a cabin on Roosevelt road, taking care of Matt's mother.

While searching the cabin, police found multiple blood stains on the floor and walls.

The blood was then sent to the crime lab.

For the next two years, police searched for matt while interviewing Adam numerous times.

In October of 2012 a human skull was found in the lowland campground area.

DNA tests matched the skull to the blood found in the cabin.

At that time, police transported Adam hayfield's truck to the crime lab as well.

In April 2013 a serological test was conducted on the items.

The test found several strains of blood in the truck matched the DNA from the skull and blood found in the cabin.

The test also revealed the DNA was from a parent of Adam Hatfield leading authorities to believe it was Matt's.

Given the blood was found in Adam's vehicle and at the cabin where the two lived, it leads police to also believe Adam is the alleged killer.

Hatfield is being charged with deliberate homicide. He is scheduled to be arraigned in district court March 27th.