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World War II Veteran Honored With Medals

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Sen. Walsh presented World War II medals to a veteran in Helena. The veteran - John Viereck - turns 90 on Wednesday.

John Robert Viereck, a U.S. army veteran from World War II.

John was a radioman and cryptographer for the "big red one" a nickname for the, 1st infantry division of the United States army, the oldest division in the army, assigned to the 26th infantry regiment.

He served in Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, England, France, Belgium, Germany and Czechoslovakia.

John served in seven campaigns, including the Battle of the Bulge, and spent a total of thirty-one months in Europe and Africa.

When John returned home to the United States in 1943, he was diagnosed with shellshock, something we know today as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sunday he was honored with the presentation of six medals from World War II and a flag.