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Passenger Speaks Out About Emergency Plane Landing Due to Turbulence

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Shayne Page of Alberta says he was aboard flight 559 of Sunwing airlines because he was on his way to a vacation in Mexico, but the flight had only just crossed over the Canadian boarder when turbulence struck.

"It was dark and there was a loud whack! It felt like something actually hit the airplane. The plane bounce very violently. Flight attendants were being tossed around. One of them near us in the front went up and contacted the ceiling. One of the younger flight attendants in the rear, he went air bourne and so did the cart he was using. The cart then landed on top of him."

Page says the turbulence sent those aboard the plane into chaos.

"Passengers were crying and screaming. Kids were crying. There was a lot of concern. We didn't know what was happening."

THe flight and its  150 passengers touched down in the capital city for a medical emergency after the flight attendant was hurt.

He was checked out at the Helena airport, but he did not have to go to the hospital.

A spokeswoman from the airline said another plane was being sent from Toronto to pick up the passengers so the first plane can be inspected for damage.

But Page says he has not minded his quick visit to the capital city.

"Its been good. The people in Helena have been treating us really well. They have been a great host to us."

After a long delay, the second plane arrived, so Page and the other passengers were able to continue their journey.