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Academic All-Star: Ryan Colson

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This week's academic all star knows something about hustle. Hanford's Ryan Colson is lined up to be senior class valedictorian, and he tries to instill values like hard work and determination into his teammates.

"I think I try to be a good role model for work ethic and make sure everybody's high energy and is willing to do the work we need to do to be successful," says Colson.

Aside from his clubs and volunteer work, he still finds time to help his teammates.

"I like helping people, I like to say I'm there for people, sometimes my mom asks me if I do my own homework when I help other people with theirs," says Colson

And that sense of teamwork and leadership draws admiration from his peers and coaches.

"Self motivated, driven guy. It comes intrinsically; it comes from within. He has that all the time and he's a leader because of that," says Hanford Baseball Coach Tom DeWitz.