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Academic All-Star: Alvaro Licea

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This week's academic all-star is an all M.C.C. selection in soccer, he is also an All State Honorable Mention, and an out-standing student. Those are the things he is.

One of the things he's not is a big talker; something I found out when I asked him about the identity of the Kennewick boys soccer team.

" I don't know. I guess just working hard. It's what we really need to do and just possess the ball," says Kennewick Senior Alvaro Licea.

Reticent as Alvaro Licea might be, he is the captain of the lions and there's a reason he wears the 'C' on his left arm. He readily admits there are better players on the team, but Licea leads in his own way.

"Just being a leader. Most of the guys that are here are really good. I'm obviously not the best player but I consider myself a leader," says Licea.

The quietly intense way Alvaro leads the team is just fine by his coach, Brian Gochoel. It's the second straight year he has elected number 15 to be his captain. He cites the old axiom: Actions speak louder than words.

"I'd rather have someone who leads by example. It's nice to have a ‘rah rah' guy, but on the pitch and actions during a match, in training. The way he purports himself in school. Being a good school citizen. That says volumes. Talk is cheap. Alvaro follows up with action," says Kennewick Boys Soccer Coach Brian Gochoel.