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Five great grilling recipes for summer dinners

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By Alexandra Kerr

Why not enjoy the sunny weather and cook dinner outside on the grill? Whether you love a good steak, pork chops or burger, or want your family to stay on the healthier side of dinner, try grilling one of these great summer dinner recipes.

Blue Cheese Burgers

A flavorful take on the classic burger, try this simple grill recipe for a burger both kids and adults will love. Depending on your choice of bun and meat, the blue cheese burger can be as delectable or healthy as you'd like.

  • One pound of ground beef (choose the leanest available beef for a healthier option)
  • Two and a half cloves of garlic (minced)
  • One tablespoon of Dijon mustard
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Two ounces of blue cheese (crumbled)
  • Store bought hamburger buns or rolls (choose wheat for a healthier option)
  • One egg
  • One tablespoon of water
  1. Mix the ground beef, egg, garlic, water, salt and pepper in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Shape the beef mixture into four hamburger patties.
  3. Place the patties on the grill, over high heat.
  4. Patties should cook for about ten minutes, flipping once half way through.

Grilled Steak And Vegetables

A grilling favorite, make a summer steak dinner with a healthy side of vegetables, all over the open flame. For an even healthier option, mix thin slices of the steak into a large portion of grilled vegetables for a steak salad.

  • One pound of steak (try T-bone, tri-tip or filet mignon, depending on your tastes)
  • One-half cup of virgin olive oil
  • One table spoon of salt
  • One table spoon of pepper
  • Four cloves of garlic (sliced)
  • One zucchini (sliced)
  • One bell pepper (sliced and seeds removed)
  • One branch of cherry tomatoes on the vine
  • Two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
  • One yellow squash (sliced)
  1. Brush the steak with olive oil, vinegar, salt, garlic and pepper.
  2. Place on grill over high heat for about 20 minutes, flipping half way through.
  3. Season tomatoes, squash, bell pepper and zucchini with oil, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper, then grill for about five minutes.

Barbeque Chicken

Another summertime classic, cook some barbeque chicken for a lighter side to grilling. Make the barbeque sauce as spicy or mild as you like for a custom chicken recipe that's all your own.

  • Four pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • One tablespoon of salt
  • One-half cup of tomato sauce
  • One tablespoon of pepper
  • One-quarter cup of vegetable oil
  • One-third cup of dark molasses
  • One-quarter cup of butter
  • One-third cup of Worcestershire sauce
  • One onion (chopped)
  • Two table spoons of brown sugar
  • One-quarter cup of vinegar
  1. Combine the oil, butter and onion in a pan over low heat for four minutes.
  2. Mix in tomato sauce, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, sugar and molasses and simmer for about 20 minutes.
  3. Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper.
  4. Coat the chicken with the sauce, once it has finished simmering.
  5. Place chicken on the grill until it has reached an internal temperature of 165 F.

Grilled Salmon And Vegetables

Salmon is one of the healthiest options you can make for a summer dinner on the grill. Add on some fresh vegetables, and you'll easily create a tasty and diet friendly meal.

  • Two pounds of salmon
  • One-half cup of olive oil
  • One clove of garlic (minced)
  • One tablespoon of salt
  • One tablespoon of pepper
  • One lemon
  1. Combine oil, garlic, salt and pepper in a bowl.
  2. Brush the mixture over the salmon.
  3. Place slices of salmon, skinless side down, on the grill.
  4. Cook for about five minutes, then flip and repeat.

Garlic Pork Chops

Instead of slathering pork chops in butter or tomato sauce, try a lighter version with oil and herbs. Be sure to cut off excess fat from the pork chops before grilling to keep them as lean as possible.

  • Four pork chops
  • Three cloves of garlic (minced)
  • One-quarter cup of basil
  • One-half cup of olive oil
  • One tablespoon of salt
  • One tablespoon of pepper
  1. Mix the salt, pepper, oil, garlic and basil in a mixing bowl.
  2. Brush the pork chops with the mixture.
  3. Place the pork chops on the grill, and cook for 5-to-10 minutes per side.
Making a quick and delicious summer dinner can be easy with these simple grilling recipes. There's something for everyone in the family, from delicious grilled steak to herb grilled salmon and vegetables. With a few simple ingredients and under 30 minutes of cook time, your grilled dinner can be ready to enjoy.

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