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Graphic Video Shows Deadly Officer Involved Shooting

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YAKIMA, WA. -- A chilling story out of Yakima from our investigative team. Back in April, Yakima Police chased down a 24-year-old man as he violently rammed into police cars on the on-ramp to Nob Hill Boulevard. The chase ended with the man's death.We obtained video of the incident through the Freedom of Information Act. It show's Rolando Villanueva, a desperate and crazed man, ramming police cars over and over again. I have to warn you this video is very graphic. 

A dramatic scene on the side of the highway as police open fire on their suspect, 24-year-old Rolando Villanueva. This all started with what seemed like a routine traffic stop. A Yakima police officer pulls over Villanueva's green Honda Accord on South Fair Avenue for driving erratically. 

The suspect pulls into a parking lot and everything appears normal, until he takes off. And the chase begins.

Down the road, the Accord pulls into a driveway. It seems like it's all over until he slams into the police car. 

Villanueva races off past a second police car and down the road. Officers catch up with him going Westbound on I-82. They follow the driver who isn't going very fast. Just a few miles down the road, Villanueva exits on Nob Hill Boulevard. He speeds up and races through a red light, missing a car by just feet.

Villanueva is now on the Nob Hill on-ramp heading onto Interstate 82. He veers off the road, and police close in but the Honda keeps driving. The car heavily damaged, he rams another police car. Stuck in between two police cars, Villanueva can't move. You can hear him pressing on the gas but the car won't budge. An officer gets out of his car and yells. 

"Turn the car off! Turn car off!" the officer screams. 

Villanueva throws the car into reverse and attempts to escape again before he's rammed by a Yakima police car. While the suspect is stopped, another officer drives into the ditch and hits Villanueva in the front. This is the first time we get a good look a Villanueva's face as he struggles to get his car moving again.

Despite officers surrounding him, Villanueva doesn't surrender. He backs up again, heading for the highway when an officer opens fire. It appears for a moment that the chase is over. Police officers slowly approach the car, but then Villanueva starts driving again onto the interstate. 

Unfortunately, the chase doesn't stop there.

Rolando Villanueva rams police cars in his Honda Accord and leads them down the interstate, running through a red light and narrowly missing another car. Desperate and surrounded, he tries to get back on the freeway and an officer opens fire. It appears for a moment that it's all over as police close in..

All of a sudden, the Honda speeds off onto the highway, but it doesn't get far. Villanueva, already hit twice by gunshots, slams the car directly into the center median.   

"S**t! He's still going! F**k!" one officer yells. 

Police surround the vehicle that has smoke billowing from the engine. The car is now completely surrounded with the driver still inside. Yakima police don't know if Villanueva is injured or armed. Officers order him out of the car as two k-9 units are brought in. 

"Driver. Open the door slowly." the officer yells over the megaphone. "You are under arrest. There is no where to go."

Under the protection of a riot shield, several officers move in close and realize that the suspect is hurt.

"He may be dead in there," one officer says.

They approach the vehicle from the passenger side to get a better look. Minutes later, they remove Rolando Villanueva from the car. Officers give him CPR immediately. An ambulance arrives and Villanueva is taken to the hospital where he is pronounced dead. 

Officer Ira Cavin was the man who fired three shots at Rolando Villanueva. The police department has told us Officer Cavin opened fire because he believed Villanueva posed a threat to himself and the other drivers on the highway. 

The Yakima Prosecutors Office is still reviewing the evidence to determine if the shooting was justified. Officer Ira Cavin has since returned to the job.