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1 in 2 million! Rare blue lobster caught in Massachusetts

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The rare blue lobster (PHOTO: Jan Nickerson/Facebook) The rare blue lobster (PHOTO: Jan Nickerson/Facebook)
PHOTO: Jan Nickerson/Facebook PHOTO: Jan Nickerson/Facebook
CAPE COD, Mass. -

Of all the lobsters in the sea, it is estimated that only one in 2 million is blue, according to the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine. A Cape Cod fisherman caught one of them this week. 

Jan Nickerson posted a photo on Facebook of her husband Wayne posing with the rare catch. Wayne is the owner and caption of FV Windsong and has been fishing for more than 35 years. 

“He let out a loud exclamation of excitement,” Jan told ABC News. “He was very clear about how excited he was.”

With 35 years of fishing under his belt, and a one in 2 million chance of catching one, you'd think this would be his first blue lobster, right? Right. This was actually the second one he's caught in his career. 

I'm just going to make myself feel better about buying Lotto tickets here for a minute. Hang on. If the odds of catching a blue lobster are one in 2 million, and Wayne has caught two in 35 years, then that means every 17.5 years he catches one. The odds of winning the Lotto are about 1 in 7 million here in Washington, which means if I keep playing, eventually, I'll hit the jackpot (my blue lobster)... 17.5 (years at 1 in 2 million odds) x 3.5 (the number of cycles I'll have to go through to hit the 1 in 7 million mark) = 61.5 years until I hit the jackpot. Right? No? No. That doesn't make any sense and isn't even close to a rational thought? Ok. Nevermind, I just needed to try and justify my gambling for a moment. Back to the lobster. 

Jan said in a comment on her photo, "The lobster went to a nice cool tank so he wouldn’t die. He is fine…. healthy and happy,”