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18 straight years and counting: Committed Coug fan recalls the good, the bad, and the ugly

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PULLMAN, Wash. -

Chris Cordodor doesn’t need an argument to convince you he’s possibly the biggest Coug fan. 

“It's a tough place to rank yourself as number one,” said Cordodor. “But I think I hold my own.”

The writing is on the wall, literally. Cordodor’s office door at Washington State University is covered from top to bottom in ticket stubs from almost every game he’s attended.

“I've been to every single home game at Martin Stadium in the last 18 years,” said Cordodor. “I’ve seen some pretty good football and I’ve seen some pretty bad football.”

One of Cordodor’s greatest memories was exactly one year ago today, when WSU won the 2012 Apple Cup.

“The crowd was electric,” said Cordodor. “Everyone was excited and got on the field and celebrated with the team.”

The game is still recorded on his DVR, but there are some games Cordodor would like to erase. 

“It was in 2000. It was snowy and cold, and there was ice on everyone’s seats,” said Cordodor. “We lost that one 56-3 or something like that.”

The final score was actually 51-3 in favor of the Huskies. But you can’t blame Cordodor for being a few points off; it wasn’t the best day to be a Coug fan.

Despite the Huskies having the upper hand in the Apple Cup, Cordodor will tell you he does, and always will bleed crimson.

“No matter where you are there's a certain Cougar spirit and camaraderie that is special,” said Cordodor. “There's nothing that’s taking me out of Pullman anytime soon so I’ll be going to the games for a long time.”