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Snow won't stop determined delivery man

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SPOKANE, Wash. -

Whether it’s 90 degrees and sunny or 10 degrees and snowing, nothing stop’s Jonathan from making his delivery rounds in shorts.

Jonathan Windham has been making deliveries for Jimmy John's throughout downtown Spokane for nearly 3 years.

“No weather stops me," Jonathan says. "No weather has been to hot or too cold to stop me from riding."

Now, don't think he actually ignores the cold temperatures - even this superman of sandwich delivery has his limits.

“I haven't worn a jacket in years, but when it gets below ten ill cover my arms and legs when it gets down to freezing ill put on gloves," Jonathan said.

So the question remains why the decision to show so much leg, so often?

"Well I found that wearing excessive clothing does get in the way it can slow you down on a bike,” explained Jonathan. 

In the end, Jonathan's choice of 'less is more' isn't about aerodynamics... It's about fashion, or lack-there-of.

"I'm not very good at putting clothes on so being able to just throw this on makes my life a lot easier," he said.