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BBB warns of bird flu scams

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Spokane, WA - April 26, 2006 - The Local BBB wishes to warn consumers to not be easily led down the path of deception when addressing issues of a potential bird flu outbreak. It is important to do research and educate yourself about the most practical and manageable approaches and preparations needed to secure yourself, your family, and community.

The truth of the matter is, we aren't exactly sure when this flu may hit, or what its impact may have on our integrated systems on a city, county, state or national level. The best defense is education (contacting your local or county disaster preparedness unit or better yet, your regional Department of Health office for directives), as well as visiting official Web sites that provide info from "valued and valid" experts in the field.

TheLocalBBB received a head's up regarding a Web site that is domain registered to a Bozeman, MT address: or with only a domain registration contact of: Kelly Murphy, 2336 Butch Cassidy Drive, Bozeman, MT 59718, phone 406-586-5495, email: The Web site does not contain any other company contact info.

This company maintains an informational site on tracking the bird flu virus internationally, and is running radio ads in our region selling a Bird Flu Ready Kit for $194 and a Bird Flu Ready Kit for Families for $348.

The company states on its Web site: "The products contained in the Bird Flu Ready Kit meet or exceed WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) standards for health workers working in or around viral contaminated areas."

The company's Guarantee/Warranty/Disclaimer states: "All information contained herein is for educational purposes only. Information provided by MC2 Inc. is intended to heighten awareness of potential infection and does not suggest diagnosis or treatment. We are not licensed medical practitioners and therefore cannot advise how you use these products in an effort to avoid infection. This information is not a substitute for medical attention. See your health-care professional for medical advice and treatment."

The company's Web site offers only an email for contact and does not post any physical address for the company or telephone number for contacting it with concerns. There are also no names displayed for the company's management directly on the site.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), a regional office of the World Health Organization (WHO), states that the WHO name, emblem and/or acronym may not be used by any entity without the authorization of the WHO's Director-General. As of the release of this warning, this company has not gained that authorization and is in violation of misusing the WHO emblem.

1. We suggest that you use extreme caution when approaching this company's offer or ANY offer of this nature, for the sake of the health of yourself and your family.

2. The company's disclaimer states that they are not responsible for any product efficacy, so you are at 100% risk in using the products.

3. The company maintains a 30-day guarantee on its kit. However, if the bird flu does not hit within 30 days of the purchase, you are out of luck and the kit will likely sit in the corner somewhere with no guarantee or efficacy attached to it as a result.

4. We suggest that you contact your regional CDC office or Department of Health to review this company's kit contents (or ANY other offer of this nature) before entering into a transaction with this or any other company.

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