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Cost estimate and increase in home value table

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Basement Finishing is one of the absolute best investments you can make in your home. On average, we have seen homeowners get 135% of their money back in resale value after we have completed a basement project.

"Your best investment in home improvement is to ADD SQUARE FOOTAGE..."
- Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, Investment Advisor  

Consider three recent projects we have done within the last six months where the homeowner has had their home appraised before and after completion of their basement: 


Basement Square foot

Home Value Before Basement Finished

Cost of Construction

Home Value After Basement Finished

Return on Investment

Dr. Aung





$20,000 / A 144% Return

Mr. Lott





$22,500 / A 128% Return

Mr. Floyd





$37,900 / A 137% Return