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Laminate Care and Maintenance

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The rocketing popularity of laminate flooring choices is not just because of the products' beauty, simplicity of installation, and reasonable price. Maintaining a laminate floor is simple, easy, and requires no special equipment; with regular care, your laminate floors will give you years of enjoyment.

Laminate floors are especially durable. But as with any hard surface flooring, laminates can be scratched or gouged, so you should always use felt pads or wide-base casters under all furniture. Be careful to lift rather than slide when moving furniture or heavy objects in a room with laminate flooring. Also, step-off mats at exterior doorways and junctures where flooring surfaces change in your home can help prevent unintended scratches.

For more information on caring for your laminate flooring, see our Stain Removal Guide for stain and maintenance tips.