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Photos of mutilated cats

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SPOKANE, Wash. - SpokAnimal CARE says it is investigating the possibility that a fourth cat may have been mutilated in addition to the three that were discovered this month in northwest Spokane.

The animal protection agency said on Thursday that a cat was found on the 4th of July of this year that may be connected to the other incidents in the area around Joe Albi Stadium.

The latest discovery was made Tuesday night.  The caller reported finding the back half of a cat.  There was no blood anywhere in or near the body.  And SpokAnimal said the bodies appear to have been strategically and methodically placed where they've been found. 

The cuts appear "very clean", according to a SpokAanimal spokesperson.  They do not appear to be torn, as if attacked by some kind of animal.  Officials fear the acts are somehow related to a "cruel cult activity", and they are concerned about the violent nature of the acts.

"It's not common that this happens," said Ken Trambitas, a SpokAnimal field officer.  "It's proven that serial or most serial killers start with animals, so you have to take it serious wether it's a prank or cult issue."

SpokAnimal said on Thursday that an area in western Canada is having the same problem with mutilated cats.  Investigators from Spokane are in contact with investigators across the border to compare notes.  In the meantime, SpokAnimal recommends people with cats to keep their animals indoors until they catch the killer

Anyone with information about who might be killing the cats are asked to contact SpokAnimal CARE at 509-534-8133 or contact an Animal Protection Officer at SpokAnimal's offices at 710 N. Napa Street in Spokane.