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Erickson: 'Sometimes opportunities present themselves'

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TEMPE, Ariz. - Dennis Erickson said every time he's moved to another team, he's "done it to meet a challenge" in the business which he's in - college football.  In a news conference in Tempe, he said he's excited to be at Arizona State where he can compete for a BCS championship.

At the news conference Monday morning, Erickson apologized first to the sports writers for not returning their phone calls over the past several days.  After getting that out of the way, he took several questions about why he chose to leave Idaho after just one year and four wins.

When introduced as head coach of the Vandals, Erickson said he would be there for the duration of his contract.  Now, after one year, his contract calls for a $150,000 buyout.

Erickson said he told his players at Idaho that "sometimes opportunities present themselves", and "sometimes you have to take advantage of those opportunities."

The new Sun Devils head coach said his first priorrity for his new team will be to evaluate where ASU stands in attracting junior college players for the immediate future.  After that process of is over, Erickson said he would focus on high school recruiting.