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Nickname: Senator

Occupation:  I'm a student at Gonzaga University and I work as a singer for random gigs and shows.

I Am From: The Logan ‘hood

High School /College: Gonzaga University

Favorite Flavors of Ice Cream:  Cold Stone flavors like "German-chokolatekake with cookie dough," or "Apple Pie A La Cold Stone"... or maybe the "At the Cocoa Banana Cabana," but with birthday cake ice cream instead of sweet cream. 

Worst First Date: See, the thing about this question... it implies I've actually been on a few dates - at least enough to have had an awkward experience.  I guess I remember an unfortunate one.  The guy was incredible and would have made an unbelievable soul mate.  But he decided to join the seminary soon after.   Hope that wasn't my fault.  Hmm.

Favorite Bad Song:  Wannabe by the Spice Girls.  Hands down!  Oh, and mmm Bop by Hanson - they're equal in quality, really.  Good stuff.

The Song That Always Gets Stuck In My Head:  That original Mario Brothers theme song.  It's so darn catchy.  And I've hardly ever played Nintendo either. 

Where Someone Would Most Likely Catch Me Singing: I pretty much sing everywhere I go except the library.  The bathroom's a sure bet. 

Movie Line That I Can't Stop Repeating:  "Big gulps huh?  Welp, see ya later." - Dumb and Dumber.

Motto For Life: Can I have three?  Because I do.  Just pretend like they're one.  "Only the curious have something to find." - Nickel Creek

"Can any of you by worrying add a moment to your life?" - Jesus

"Wherever you go, there you are." - Somebody really wise

Pet:  Dog named Dude

The First Time I Knew I Wanted To Sing:  When I was four I spent my days at a day-care home and watched Annie (the musical) every day.  After the other kids had left, I would erupt in song either alone in the playroom, or locked in the bathroom, sitting on the counter.  Eventually, the babysitter called my mom at work and told her to put me into lessons or kids choir.  This picture shows me at about that age.  The only way I would blow dry my own hair was by using the dryer as a microphone.  

Superstitions, Rituals, Good Luck Charms:  Before I go on stage, I like to say a prayer so I'll remember to direct applause as worship to God.  It's easy to claim it for myself, and that's a waste of effort.  It makes being on stage a million times even more fun; my cup absolutely overflows!

Finish The Sentence: Voters should Gimme The Mike because studying for a science degree.  Help!  Enough said, really.  I could become a nurse or pharmacist, but I am music.  Music is what I'm meant to do.  As Whoopie Goldberg (Sister Mary Clarence) said, "If you wake up in the morning and can't think of anything but singin', you're supposed to be a singer."  Not a day passes that I don't wake up with a song in my head.  My roommate tells me sometimes I sing in my sleep... once in Spanish.  The art of music consumes at least every other thought, dream, and passion.  If I could find a way to be a musician, I would feel even more called to it.   If Gimme the Mike is an open door, I'm headed on through if you'll help me with your vote.   Thanks!  Oh, and I could visit my Grandma if I had a new car.  And your grandma too.    Just throwing that out there.

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