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Gimme the MIKE!

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Nickname: Drew, Pipes, best brother in the worldfo

Occupation: Senior in high school/ singer/ Sonic Drive In

I Am From: Northwest side of Spokane.

High School /College:  Shadle Park High School

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream:  ooohh, hard one!K probably apple pie ice cream from Coldstone!

Worst First Date: ??

Favorite Bad Song: L.O.V.E./Jennifer Lopez

The Song That Always Gets Stuck In My Head:  Superstition/Stevie Wonder

Where Someone Would Most Likely Catch Me Singing:  In the shower, in the classroom, at work, in the car, at a restaurant, in my sleep!

Movie Line That I Can't Stop Repeating: Fricken Idiot! fo (Napoleon Dynamite)

Motto for Life: Keep on singing my song

Pets:  2 dogs- Kasey and Dakota.

The First Time I Knew I Wanted To Sing: I've been told I was singing and humming songs from the time was 2 years old, and as far as I can remember that is when I started believing I was going to be a singer when I grew up. And look at me now.

Finish The Sentence: Voters should Gimme the Mike because music is the only thing I have ever wanted to do from as far back as I can remember. It is truly my biggest dream and the one thing I will die before I give up at. Winning this competition will help me to become more recognized for the hard work I have put forth into improving my musical skill as well as deem the beginning of my musical career. I would love to be able to one day put out albums so that many people can share the never ending love of music with me. Thanks so much for reading this bio and I hope to have a lot of fans there when I sing on April 9th at the casino.

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