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Gimme the MIKE!

Heather Black

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Nickname:  Some people know me as Heather DuPree. Also, some people call me Jane (I'm not sure why)

Occupation:  musician/actress/owner of Latah Bistro

I Am From: Spokane and Alaska

High School /College:  I went to five high schools because we moved a lot. I was always the new girl that got bullied. Immediately after high school I took acting and singing lessons and started doing singing telegrams. That was me in the nerd costume! Playing a nerd was not much of a stretch for me. I'm a total dork.

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Chubby Hubby-chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzel chunks... are you kidding me? Oh yeah babe.

Worst First Date: It was literally my first date ever. I had a huge crush on the guy and I was really nervous. When he came to pick me up he sat on the couch next to my Dad while waiting for me to finish getting ready. My cat jumped up on his lap and peed all over him which caused my Dad to laugh so hard he let out a huge fart. (By the way Dad said it was O.K. to write about it) I'm still not sure which was worse the peeing or the farting. The poor guy had to put on a pair of my big sisters shorts to wear home. The date was over. I was horrified. The good news is he eventually became my boyfriend.

Favorite Bad Song:  Anything by John Denver.

The Song That Always Gets Stuck In My Head: I guess lately that would have to be "My Hump" from the Blackeyed Peas. I'll bet it gets stuck in your head now. I apologize...I'm not proud of that.

Where Someone Would Most Likely Catch Me Singing: When I was a kid in Alaska I sang everyday in the woods while walking to the bus stop to keep the moose and bears away. Most of the singing I've done has been looking out into a crowd of camoflage wearing, machine gun carrying American soldiers at some remote military base in the Middle East, Asia, Africa or you name it. I've volunteered for six U.S.O./D.O.D. tours. Members of my family are in the military so it's a pretty big honor for me to get the chance to thank them and help boost morale. You can catch me singing some of my original songs at Latah Bistro.

Movie Line That I Can't Stop Repeating: "I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal"...Ron Burgundy.  I also like "I will punch you in the ovary".

Motto for Life:  You are what you think about. Life is good.

Pets: I have two dogs, one is a Jack Russell terrier whose full name is Jackson Brown Spot but mostly he's just, "Jack". The other one is a rat terrier named Ivan. When he's good, he's "Ivan the Terrier". When he's being a freak, he's "Ivan the Terrible". Yesterday he brought home a deer leg then pooped on the carpet. You can imagine what I'm calling him today.

The First Time I Knew I Wanted To Sing: I remember the exact moment I knew I wanted to sing. I was a seven year old catholic school girl (complete with the little mustache) attending the daily church service with my classmates. I was sad that day because I wrecked really bad on my bike. So, there I was in my little plaid skirt with a big fat lip, two black eyes and my mustache, wallowing in self pity when the lyrics to my favorite song came on the overhead projector for everyone to sing. Clearly needing to release some pent up childhood frustrations; I started to sing that song like I was the only person in the room. I rocked that hymn! I remember my classmates looking at me in complete awe then singing louder with me. This was not normally done at a catholic mass. It just felt so good to belt it out like that. What a high! When the song ended I carried out the final note for another few seconds complete with a ridiculous vocal chop........ I felt I deserved a solo. The nuns didn't share my views.

Superstitions, Rituals, Good Luck Charms:  Along with sacrificing several small animals, I insist that no one come near me on performance day wearing purple.....You know I'm kidding right? I love purple.  Mainly, I pray and visualize the best outcome. Superstitions? I've conquered all my superstitions. Knock on wood.

Finish the Sentence:  Voters should Gimme the MIKE because I've worked hard my entire life singing for people for little or no compensation, whether it was in a gorilla or a nerd costume here in the Northwest or with my band wearing helmets and flack jackets halfway around the world for our troops. I've risked my life to be an entertainer and it almost feels wrong to get paid for doing something I love so much, but I NEED THAT CAR. My car has almost 300,000 miles on it. I've spent the majority of the last two winters driving with no heat which also means no defrost. Do you know how numb your head gets when you have to hang it out the window at 35 mph when it's below freezing?  I actually got pneumonia this year. Seriously, not kidding. My face is cold. Please vote for me. Life is good. I'm thankful.

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